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Beerlab | Caffeinelab | Nihonshu

We collaborate with top suppliers to bring to you a series of tasting experiences, educational and discovery. Suitable for any level of knowledge. Just come and enjoy!
We also tailor-make guided tastings at social or corporate gatherings. Please contact us for further details. 

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The Academy of Cheese is an educational institution set up by UK cheese industry experts aimed at promoting cheese knowledge and providing career development, amongst industry professionals and the cheese-loving public. Ant & Knee CheeseLab is an accredited provider of the Academy of Cheese's  Associate: Level 1

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Not to bring the party vibe down, but did you know the wine you're serving may have more than 60 different additives? Some of these can include, but are not limited to, egg whites, milk products, fish bladders, gelatin, and other squeamish animal parts.
But how many of you really know what is in your favorite glass of wine? Most people assume wine is just made from grapes, but the reality is that that's hardly the case.
Unless, of course, you opt for a small-but-growing segment of wine that is committed to producing what we would consider to be pure wine.

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